What do clients think of our Services?

After you have your radiant heating system installed, feel free to send us details about your experience so that others may realize the benefit of using radiant heat in their homes. Following are some letters we received from clients after their heating and/or cooling system installations.

Alan Lalonte from Wyevale, Ontario writes....

My Wife and I finally found the house and property we were looking for and moved in two years ago. The house was built in 1980 and although it was what we were looking for, all there was for a heating system was out dated electric baseboard heat. Shortly after we moved in we installed a propane fire place, as natural gas is not available in our area, hoping that it would be more comfortable an economical. We soon found out that all we had now were two large bills instead of one. We inquired about installing a propane furnace, but space was minimal and the duct work would be hard to install. Luckily we met Peter Fibingr from Interma radiant heating, and he designed a system that he assured us would meet our needs. What it consists of is a Baxi Luna wall hung propane boiler which powers a small compact high velocity furnace. I must admit that the first time I saw this furnace I couldn’t believe that it could do the job, but believe mc. it can. Not to mention the great job Peter did on the installation there are several reasons were glad we chose this system.

  • The comfort we now have with even heat throughout the house
  • It can be installed in an area of 15 square feet, and the duct work is small and flexible
  • Not only does the boiler supply heat to the furnace, it also supplies us with our domestic hot water. All the hot water you will ever need without any worries of ever running out. This is hot water on demand, so you don't need to have a bulky and expensive hot water tank constantly heating water when it is not required.
  • No matter what type of fuel you use to heat your home it is expensive, and like it or not the prices are always going up. We feel that with this system we are using much less fuel and the system will pay for itself many times.
  • It was less expensive to have this system installed than a conventional one, not to mentio the savings on our host water

Thank you Petr, for a job well done.
Allan & Carol Lalonde

Robert and Sandy Litz of Wasaga Beach write...

We have enjoyed our heating system for 1 year. I am writing this letter now because we have experienced all seasons with this type of system. We have found that it is economical in both winter months and summer months. Mr. Fibingr, who is the owner of Interma Radiant Heating came highly recommended. He is a professional, experienced, and an expert at every part of the job including taking pictures of the infloor tubing system. He has done all follow up procedures without any prompting from us. When we build our next home we will certainly use Interma Radiant Heating to install this same system.

Robert and Sandy Litz

261 Deerbrook Drive Wasaga Beach, Ontario Canada