Why Radiant Heat?
Radiant under floor heating, and idea first used by Romans in 60 A.D. and today the most popular form of heating in England, Central and Western Europe is now available to you. Because of its superior comfort and efficiency, people throughout the world are discovering that a radiant under floor heating system has more advantages than they thought possible.

Heating tubes are placed in the floor and are heated with a boiler or domestic hot water heater.

The result is an even and more comfortable heat with no blasts of hot air to stir up dirt and dust. The absence of unsightly radiators makes furniture placement easier and creates a safer environment with no hot burn surfaces.

Under floor heat radiates a comfortable, even warmth to the occupants and to the surfaces of the room. There are no noisy fans or blowers. You get the additional benefit of soft, quiet heating.... and you'll stay warm as toast.
  • More Comfortable
  • More Healthful
  • Cleaner
  • Safer
  • Quieter
  • More Efficient, Even Heat
  • Less Costly to Operate
Feeling warm all over begins with your feet
Its true. When your feet are warm, you feel warmer all over. Because Kitec Radiant Heat heats your home through the floors, the air temperature is always highest at the floor level and decreases steadily toward the ceiling. That's comfort! The moisture content of the room is more stable and healthful. Unlike hot air heat, radiant heat is less likely to dry out your breathing passages, less likely to dry out the skin, and less likely to dry out your furniture.

Because the air is not dehumidified, it feels several degrees warmer than it really is. For each degree lower temperature, you save energy and money.

Kitec Radiant Heating requires no fans or blowers, so it is quiet and dust-free. And because the heat source is located within the floor itself, there are no radiators for children to touch or to complicate furniture placement. With Kitex Radiant heating, you gain full use of your floor space.
Even the fuel bills will leave you feeling comfortable
Comfort alone is probably reason enough to invest in a warm floor heating system, but there are other good reasons like cost-savings and energy efficiency.

Discover the comfort, feel the warmth, and enjoy the efficiency or radiant heating.

Ask Interma Radiant Heating for a quotation on your next building project. You'll be surprised how economical radiant heat can be.
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